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PREMIERE: Joe Terror is Teething


Joe Terror has always been, and will continue to be, a prolific songwriter. It seems that he can write a song on a whim, and whilst writing said song is already thinking about the next three he will write later that day. And for those of you who think that quantity impacts quality, well you might be right if we were talking about cheaply made consumer goods, but we’re not folks and thank the lord for that. We’re talking about music here and Joe Terror continues to deliver an astonishing blend of quantity and quality.

Back on the album train, after releasing and touring “An Urgent Release” through the back end of 2018, Joe graces us with a starkly different album titled; “Stinky Soul.” Written and recorded in December of 2018 in the fine front room of the (in)famous Kilby Road household in Kew East and mastered in the very same household by Aidan Bateman, it is sure to be a wild album. We are lucky enough to be premiering the first single from the album; “Teething,” and whilst the entire album is yet to be released for sometime, judging from “Teething,” it is evident that Joe has taken a different, more simplistic approach than “An Urgent Release.”

With substantially less instrumentation and harmonies than most tracks off "An Urgent Release", "Teething" is sure to wet the whistle of those who enjoy the simplicity of drums, bass, a bit of guitar and a voice filled with attitude. When asked about "Teething" Joe outlined that it is based upon finding attention from others in a non-intrusive fashion in an attempt to preserve your current state of individuality. Anyway, have a listen for yourself by clicking on one of the below links and don't be afraid to let us know what you think.

If you haven't seen Joe live before, fear not kiddies. There are a plethora of gigs to choose from coming up as he is one-quarter the way through his residency at the fabulous Tote Bar in Collingwood.

Check the dates here;

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