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Following the release of their last EP in 2016, Melbourne based rockers REIKA, have been quiet on the gig front for much of 2017. However the frothy four-piece are back looking better than ever with fresh music and a new single titled ‘BOI’. Set to be released and launched at Yah Yah’s in Fitzroy on Friday October 20th, us here at Side Stare Music are excited to Premiere the lads new material.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, ‘BOI’ is a smile and nod to all the smashed avo loving, bearded hipsters that dwell within Melbourne. It is an entertaining, well-written number that encapsulates the general vibe of a sneaky night out here or there, and the chaos that can, and so often does, unfold with it. Peppered with sleazy, fuzz heavy guitars, ‘BOI’ wets your whistle yet leaves you with unquenched anticipation at what may come next for the lads. Dom Alessio of triple J put it best when describing REIKA and their previous material; “Its not reinventing the wheel, but its fun enough to take for a spin.” ‘BOI’ may not rattle the foundations of rock ’n’ roll but its a great tune and well worth a download.

REIKA are certainly no strangers to the Melbourne music scene, selling out shows at both the Workers Club and Grace Darling respectively. However, impressive as that is, the highlight of their rap sheet seems to be the fact that they have supported Australian treasure; Shannon “Nollsy” Noll. Either way, REIKA's raucous return on the 20th of October at Yah Yah’s is set to be exciting and, if judging off past shows, full of energy and rowdiness.

If this sounds like good times to you then catch all the launch details below, have a listen to ‘BOI’ on Soundcloud or add it to your playlist on Spotify.


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