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SINGLE PREMIERE: A Transient Wave Releases The Most Powerful Version Of A Classic

If you've ever experienced lost love, take the time to properly listen to A Transient Wave's cover of 'I Can't Make You Love Me', you will have a hard time holding back the tears. A life-changing moment for Isaac in January 2020 had his life turned upside down, which spurred his journey of creating the beautifully intimate body of work that our ears are only now beginning to be graced with. Following the release of the nearly eight-minute shoegaze beauty 'Stumble And Shimmer", he drops the most powerful version of 'I Can't Make You Love Me' I've ever heard.

The track begins with a haunting introduction comprised of a building ambient swell and distant vocals foreshadowing the chorus that perfectly impresses on the listener that these are the voices inside his head, which are mentioned shortly into the song. The purposefully produced distant intro vocals are abruptly juxtaposed with the intimately present, layered vocals that characterise the rest of the song. The gravity of the lyrical content is accentuated by every component of this composition, every note, and musical expression serves the feeling of a reluctant acceptance of a love that is no more. A notable collaborator on this track, Emma Greenhill, adds a heartbreakingly beautiful string arrangement and performance that respond to the movements of the song superbly, giving the rises and falls even more powerful energy. There is nothing in this recording that sounds simply derivative, every part of the composition is placed to serve the desired emotional evocation, which gives it an air of timelessness that I'm sure the songwriters would be flawed by.

The debut album titled 'Light Of My Shadow', from which the two singles have been pulled, is Isaac's journey of reflection through joy and heartache, confronting old ways, and walking a new path, and in doing so, shining a light on the beauty of it all. Light Of My Shadow will be released through Side Stare Music in the coming months, so keep an eye out for this release, it's a very special one.

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