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SINGLE PREMIERE: Tug Birth Phoenix Reborn

The second single and the title track of Tug's forthcoming album is here - Phoenix Reborn. The new single sees the band continue to toy with more positive humanist lyrical themes in tune with the album concept; with the chilled, groove-based instrumentation complimented by an infectious, ear-candy chorus, reflecting a brighter, more uplifting contrast to their previous works.

The track begins with the feeling that the listener is in a crowded cafe with plates and cutlery clanging in the background before the lyrics start to paint a picture of a conversation wherein Mitch yearns for an injection of vitality in his life and some real human connection. The song steadily grooves along throughout the verse up to a building pre-chorus with the refrain "But just like the phoenix reborn, the dusk brings dawn around once more, for another one," before the song really opens up to its neo-soul-inspired hooky chorus featuring explosive falsetto vocals and dissonant electric piano chords. The song then returns to the cafe where the lyrics continue from the first verse to describe a feeling of a certain meaninglessness that one can view life to be, with the subsequent chorus providing the counter, that the new day can bring new life and that meaning is a matter of how one meets the word.

The band will be launching the single at The Retreat Hotel, Brunswick in Melbourne on the 22nd of October with support from Natural Appetites and Solar Wax.

Phoenix Reborn is streaming now on all major platforms.


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