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PREMIERE: Gardens Seed Their Debut Masterpiece

The mysterious Gardens Music Band, hailing from the East Coast of Australia, have finally completed their psych pop debut LP "Gardens" - 7 years in the making. Let us here at Side Stare Music be the first to tell you, it’s been well worth the wait.

Recorded, mixed and mastered all from Gardens Music Bands’ secret hideout; ‘Frogs Hollow,’ near Bobin, New South Wales, “Gardens” is a triumph of a record. It is an absolute unleashing of a psych pop pandemic into our world, and we are not sanitising, masking up or social distancing from this one. Imagine if Pink Floyd were a funk band, or if Air made rock music. That’s “Gardens.” Or if Unknown Mortal Orchestra had a cute (but naughty) lil’ band baby with Tame Impala. Thats “Gardens.”

With brothers Mark and Jack Bailey, and the brother from another, Mark ‘Waspy’ Goetz initially starting the band as a three-piece and cutting their teeth doing a stack of shows up and down the New South Wales East Coast, the band have gone from strength to strength both performance wise and in songwriting calibre. Now, as a four piece, with the inspired addition of lead guitarist Dave “Don’t” Craig, Gardens Music Band has pushed themselves to even further sonic highs.

The groups debut LP puts on show the vast melting pot of different influences, genres and personalities that make up the band. Track to track, from front to back, “Gardens” has everything you could want from the four piece’s debut; a plethora of poignant lyrics, bass lines that’ll curl(y) your hair, synth tones and riffs that’ll curl your mind, and beats the whole way through that will have you boogeying all summer long whilst wondering when Gardens Music Band will hurry up and release their next album (plz not in another 7 years). On top of that it is hook central, with tracks such as Philadelphia and GTA nye on impossible to get out of your head. Why would ya wanna anyway?

Coming off the back of supporting good friends, Melbourne based The Stained Daisies on their Side Stare tour and releasing two singles from the album, the Gardens troops have teamed up with Side Stare Records to release both their debut album and a secret album of Gardens Music Band b-sides and beat tapes. Both will be made available through their website (dig deep, you will not be disapointed), however only "Gardens" will be found on Spotify et. al.


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